Douglas Rushkoff – Program or Be Programmed

Rushkoff is convincing in this video that if students are not learning to be proactive in all their abilities – and in this case – he refers chiefly to understand how realities are configured by, or for us digitally – then we lose control essentially, of our identities. It is an interesting take on the agency-structure debate coming out of Anthony Giddens sociological theory debate of Anthony Giddens’, or more broadly a kind a Marxist critique of programming and networking.

STEAM and Maker Education: Inclusive, Engaging, Self-Differentiating

User Generated Education

The maker movement has the opportunity to transform education by inviting students to be something other than consumers of education. They can become makers and creators of their own educational lives, moving from being directed to do something to becoming self-directed and independent learners. Increasingly, they can take advantage of new tools for creative expression and for exploring the real world around them. They can be active participants in constructing a new kind of education for the 21st-century, which will promote the creativity and critical thinking we say we value in people like Steve Jobs. Learning by Making: American kids should be building rockets and robots, not taking standardized tests

When a kid builds a model rocket, or a kite, or a birdhouse, she not only picks up math, physics, and chemistry along the way, she also develops her creativity, resourcefulness, planning abilities, curiosity, and engagement with the…

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