The Learning Contract

Design Futures Archaeology

Learning contracts and the time and place of planning

I have been following the DLMOOC and in one of the sessions on assessments had me asking the question if anybody had used learning contracts in their project based learning PBL work. It seems that the panelists had not had that much involvement. But learning contracts seemed to form a key part of my student centered learning at the School for Independent Study in the 1980s/90s. While most panelists this week seemed to be saying that appraisals assessments were chiefly post-hoc– i.e. at the end when the project was finished and offered as feedback, instead of a feed-forward a prioriplan of what the student/s were going to discover, why and what they would need, and how they could be assessed [by what?]. Daniel did mention about changing the course of projects in the process of their implementation which made me think…

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