Casey Davidson

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Casey Davidson carries a Bachelor of Learning Management degree from Central Queensland University.  During her pre-service studies she taught Australian students aged 5 to 12 years and also participated in an internship teaching ESL to Korean university students. Casey has worked as a teacher for the past six-and-a-half years in a variety of contexts. She has taught internationally in academies in South Korea. In Australia Casey taught a range of subjects to primary school students, but also had experience working in childcare centres and high schools.  She has worked for the eLearning department as a Project Officer implementing ICTs into the Australian Curriculum, training teachers to use virtual tools in the classroom and facilitating web conference with teachers and students across Queensland.   She is interested in martial arts, social design and sustainability. I believe education has a significant influence on the individual and society.  It is therefore essential that education allows children to develop skills to protect and enhance their future.  [Casey is in charge of the 6-9 year old group]


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