Joel Hopkinson


Passport photo

Masters degree in Applied Linguistics – University of New England, Australia.

“I think that blended-learning is an excellent approach to education and is a necessary skill for children to develop in the future. I am a keen advocate of developing digital literacy and I have used Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) as part of two official courses held by the university I was working at (Woosong, South Korea). I am also familiar with management systems such as Moodle and Blackboard. For the last several years the majority of my classes have been run on one of these systems, a blog, or another social forum. Children respond well to the use of technology in class. With the use of multimedia, they can look at beautiful pictures, watch exciting animations or video, and listen to music or other sounds. With interactive media, they can learn by doing and experimenting, which engages a different part of the mind than passive listen-and-repeat/ traditional style classrooms. When students have to negotiate a text, it also engages their critical thinking. This is in tune with my own opinions about teaching children to think and search for the answers for themselves. This way they can become the leaders of tomorrow. But children should not spend too long using technology. They also need to exercise, experience natural surrounds, rest their eyes, burn off energy, and move around. A good program will plan for this in order to provide for the holistic development of the child’s mind and physical health. Joel will join us during the summer school and will lead the senior primary classes.”

[Mr. Hopkinson has been invited to take our 9-12 year old class which will open in Oct. 2013]

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