Mey Sophalla



Mey Sophalla has her bachelor degree in the field of Nursing and Midwifery from Life University.


“I always loved playing with and caring for babies and young children so this is why I choose nursing and midwifery as my career. I am currently working in Idea Source’s Nursery class. This role requires more of me than simply nursing as I am interacting with the children beyond just taking care of their physical health, to work on developing basic cognitive and social skills and hand-eye coordination.   We are in constant interaction with them, in a way that would be tiring for a mother or typical nanny.  We engage in training on a continuous basis with the head of school research. We also use the audio-visual resources and specialised programming. It’s very different to what I have been used to but very exciting and kids really love it, and I feel I am learning as well.”


[Sophalla is in charge of the nursery 18 months – to 3 year old]

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