Sok Sreyoun


Degree from University of Management and Economics.

“I am the assistant teacher in the Nursery class in Idea Source School. I appreciate the time to interact with foreign colleagues so I can develop my teaching and English skills. There is so much to learn when you are working with young children. They deserve to be listened to. If we show them this, then they can learn to listen to others, including those smaller and younger. As I get more and more experience with the children I understand that it is how you communicate with them, which teaches them how to behave. If you are harsh and cruel then they will be like that. If you are kind and considerate and learn to listen, then they will be like that. We want them to learn their language and numbers. Their colours and shapes, to understand technology and business, even from a young age, even if we make it very simple. Want those children to be trained very well and I put all my energy and time to focus on them, listen to them, and teach them what they need to know and make them become a good people in the future.”

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