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Teach by the Beach! – Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Teach by the beach – we have two positions open in our new modern kindergarten/primary school project in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The initial contract will be for 12 months [3 months’ probation] but will be extended upon successful completion.

The ideal candidate will be an individual who has a strong commitment to trying out project-based approaches to learning,  following curriculum learning outcomes, and has a deep interest in the challenge of teaching international education in a foreign context. The candidate will be happy teaching not only elementary English, but math, humanities, art, science, and sport [and moreover, how they all inform each other].

Job Description:

The hired teacher will work teaching young (Grade 1, 2 or 3; 6 – 9 yrs. old ) Cambodian, mixed race and international children. There is a maximum of 29 classroom-teaching hours and 11 hours for office work and lesson planning.

Class size is a maximum of 15 students [currently more like 10], and you will have the support of two assistant teachers. This is so you can focus on the needs of individual learners and the challenge of producing and following individualized learning plans.


Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s premier island and beach resort. It is surrounded on 3 sides by the Bay of Thailand. From the beaches and surrounding hills, many of the country’s small islands can be seen. The salary provided is well above the national average and teachers can afford a relatively comfortable lifestyle on their salary alone here.

We have a recently renovated building in Sihanoukville a lovely coastal resort – more about it here –

Our school caters for local and ex-pat children whose parents require a truly international level education pointed at the future. To deliver this we blend games and play, audio-visual and IT, in a curriculum structure and content that reflects the needs for individual, group, structured and unstructured activity.

Job description:

The teachers’ main role is to plan lessons and develop schemes of work which show sympathy with the learning outcomes – documented in the curriculum – and, moreover, with the learned and natural abilities of individual students.

In order to execute this, the teacher’s role will be to:

Understand clearly the following approaches/ideas with a view to applying them in the class:

Project based learning

Project based learning article

Learning outcomes

Beautiful Work

Authentic Learning

Deeper learning

21st Century Skills

Prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities. These should account for both the lack of English and typical exposure that an individual student would have at their developmental and biological age in the international context. Teachers may need to present the same concepts in a variety of ways, so that all students can retain the information (i.e. they may show learning verbally, by writing, or by doing, showing, building etc.)

• Ensuring that assessment and appropriate feedback is given regarding oral and written work. Assessment of learning, as learning, and for learning should be employed while teaching. Maintaining records of pupils’ progress and development in the manner expected by the School; Teachers may need to assess the same concepts in a variety of ways, so that all students are able to express understanding/ability to use the concepts in a variety of contexts/situations.

• Devising, writing and producing new materials, including audio and visual resources suitable for classes – making sure these are archived.

• Researching new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge, and devising and writing new curriculum materials which enhance or augment the topics and themes; Some of these may relate to the subject such as knowledge of Singapore maths, Saxon maths, and how they may be similar or differ and offer advantages.

• Managing pupil behaviour in the classroom and on school premises, and applying appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour as laid down in the booklet ‘School rules and permissions’; Above all the discipline we crave is that of the autonomous learner, self-discipline.

• As directed, supervising and supporting the work of teaching assistants with respect to their teaching, classroom management, and assessment checks, making sure they are conversant with topics and themes, equipment, and have adequate assessments prepared for them for their Friday revision sessions. Idea Source is a learning organisation and everybody is expected to be involved in learning – admin, support staff, teaching staff and students .

• Liaising with the director of curriculum and teaching colleagues, Being participant in weekly academic meetings (dealing mainly with individual student learning and approaches) and the once weekly administration meetings (dealing mainly with operational details, resources etc.)

• Represent the school in a positive manner where we have to deal with outside agencies and organisations, including prospective site visits and interactions and deliberations with parents and the general public.

Requirements and Qualifications:

• A native English speaker. English must be your first and primary language.

• Bachelor degree in Education from a reputable college or university, preferably with licence where appropriate.

• Experience teaching and working according to curriculum guidelines.

• Have the desire to live and work in Cambodia for at least a year.

• Professional, responsible attitude for work

• A friendly, outgoing attitude for students and colleagues, open to sharing and participating with the object of learning

• Have flexibility to succeed in a fast-paced work environment

• Must enjoy working with small children

• Will need to act, sing, dance, paint and make fun English games and activities

• Priority will be given to applicants with direct experience teaching children

• Also we hope for teachers who have some background in performance

Pay and benefits:

-Salary commensurate with international rates and the local economy.

-2 weeks of paid vacation (14 days plus the connected weekends) + all Cambodian public holiday. Cambodia enjoys the most public holidays in the world!

-Visa sponsorship available

– Idea Source will help to find an apartment for the hired teachers and will pay part of the key money.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in working for Idea Source School please send us:

1. Your resume

2. A cover letter outlining your teaching philosophy taking into account the approaches listed above [project based learning, beautiful work etc.] This should be posted to our Facebook page. Please Note: This is essential to your application. Our policy is not to reply to people who are not able to engage and support our approach and interest in social media.

3. Two recent photos of yourself (a shot of your face and a full length shot with you dressed in business attire).

Optionally you may send us any other photos, videos, letter of recommendation or documents that let us know what kind of person/teacher you are.

Please send a resume to:

Facebook: [please ‘like’ us]

twitter: @sourceschool



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